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Local Breakfast Places and Cafes in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

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Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is known for its charm and beauty. It’s a food lover’s paradise, especially in the morning. The town offers everything from classic American dishes to fresh lobster breakfasts. Starting your day with a tasty meal here, you’re set for fun in Midcoast Maine.

To truly enjoy your visit, check out the local breakfast spots. You’ll find unique dishes like apple brie bacon wraps, breakfast pizzas, and lobster rolls. With breathtaking waterfront views, places like East Boothbay General Store and Mama Dโ€™s Cafe shine in the breakfast scene.

Looking for a cozy breakfast or a brunch by the harbor? Boothbay Harbor won’t disappoint. Favorites include Maine blueberry pancakes and fresh seafood. Among the best spots, Blue Moon Cafe and The Deck Bar & Grill offer stunning views and delicious meals.

Boothbay Harbor is perfect for a morning treat. The breakfast options here include everything from free meals to gourmet dishes. Thereโ€™s something for everyone, making every morning special in its way.

Best Breakfast Spots in Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor has amazing breakfast spots to start your day right. Whether youโ€™re enjoying a buffet at Linekin Bay Resort or checking out downtown cafes, thereโ€™s something delicious waiting for you. delicious breakfast

East Boothbay General Store

The East Boothbay General Storeย is a historic spot in the Midcoast region. They serve unique dishes like an apple brie bacon wrap, breakfast pizzas, and peanut butter bacon sandwiches. Their Maine lobster roll is famous, showing their love for local flavors.

Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile

Mama D’s Cafe Mercantileย is known for its cozy vibe and diner-style food. Enjoy a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with organic Wicked Joeโ€™s Coffee for a great start. With its cozy atmosphere and delicious American cuisine, it has quickly become a local favorite. Conveniently located within easy walking distance from most attractions, this charming cafe is the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and indulge in some mouthwatering dishes.

Bridge Street Cafe

Bridge Street Cafe offers a classic cafe experience with a warm atmosphere. They have blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup and options for all diets. Itโ€™s a welcoming place thatโ€™s loved for its dedication to great food.

Cafe Specialty Average Rating
East Boothbay General Store Maine Lobster Roll 4.6/5
Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile Fresh Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwiches 4.1/5
Bridge Street Cafe Blueberry Pancakes 4.4/5

Top Cafes with Harbor Views

Boothbay Harbor’s waterfront is home to two cafes that are known for great breakfast and views. The Blue Moon Cafe and The Deck Bar & Grill at Linekin Bay Resort both offer amazing food and a stunning view. They’re known for their friendly vibe and tasty dishes.

Blue Moon Cafe

Blue Moon Cafe is a favorite breakfast spot in Boothbay, thanks to its sunny deck by the harbor. You can enjoy dishes like blueberry pancakes with real Maine maple syrup and delicious homemade muffins. They also serve special drinks, including amazing mimosas and “Fred’s Most Excellent Bloody Mary.” This mix of good food and great views makes it a perfect place to start your day.

harborside deck

The Deck Bar & Grill

At Linekin Bay Resort, The Deck Bar & Grill is famous for its beautiful harbor views and Maine flavors. Breakfast here includes fresh seafood from Boothbay Harbor. Enjoying a lobster benedict or a seafood omelet on the deck makes for a fantastic meal. It’s a great spot for breakfast with a view in Boothbay.

Where to Find Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches

If you’re searching for the best breakfast sandwiches in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, head to Kelly’s Cafe and Bridge Street Cafe. These spots don’t just serve great food, but also offer a memorable experience.

breakfast sandwiches

Kellyโ€™s Cafe

Kelly’s Cafe is a favorite for breakfast sandwiches in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. It’s known for its fresh offerings and cozy vibe. The cafe boasts a 4.4-star rating from 10 reviews. Fans love their bagel breakfast sandwiches, among other treats.

Bridge Street Cafe

Bridge Street Cafe is a hit for breakfast lovers, offering a wide range of options. Known for tasty food and caring service, it’s a must-visit. Fans rave about their French toast, omelets, and amazing breakfast sandwiches. They also cater to different dietary needs, including gluten-free bread.

Bridge Street Cafe and Kelly’s Cafe showcase why Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is a haven for breakfast enthusiasts. Especially those craving amazing breakfast sandwiches.

Experience Classic American Cuisine

In the heart of the Boothbay Harbor area, lovers of classic breakfasts and local vibes will enjoy Mama D’s Cafe Mercantile and Bet’s Fish Fry. These places celebrate the heart of American cooking. They mix well-known tastes with local touches.

American cuisine in Boothbay Harbor area

Mama D’s Cafe Mercantile

Mama D’s Cafe Mercantile stands as a beacon of comfort and tradition. It’s a cozy spot known for heartwarming breakfasts using fresh, local ingredients. The menu offers favorites like tender pancakes, sizzling bacon, and full egg plates, all made with care.

With a 4.1 rating from 118 reviews, it’s clear that people love what Mama D’s serves. It’s a go-to place for a feel-good meal that reminds you of home.

Betโ€™s Fish Fry

Bet’s Fish Fry puts a fresh spin on breakfast. It’s famous for blending the day’s fresh fish into breakfast dishes. Their tasty fried fish is a hit, showing off the area’s rich seafood.

They focus on fresh, local ingredients. This ensures a top-notch breakfast that delights seafood lovers and fans of American classics alike. Bet’s is ideal for those seeking authentic flavors and a lively morning meal.

Local Favorites for a Relaxing Atmosphere

Boothbay Harbor shines with its cozy dining spots. Seeking tranquility? Several local favorites are waiting for you.


For a cozy breakfast, visit the beloved Waves. It’s right on Commercial Street. Waves wins hearts with its quiet vibe. Perfect for kicking off your day.

Here, enjoy fluffy omelets and hearty pancakes made with local ingredients. The peace at Waves offers a calm start to your Boothbay Harbor adventure.

relaxing atmosphere

Woodsong Market

Woodsong Market is another spot for a soothing vibe. They serve the Woodson Lox and Bagel Breakfast sandwich, loved for its fresh quality. Tucked away in a peaceful corner, it’s a place to relax and enjoy your meal.

Waves Restaurant and Woodsong Market capture Boothbay Harbor’s friendly essence. Renowned for their breakfast and serene settings, these places are perfect for a pleasant meal to begin your day.

Breakfast Places with Gluten-Free and Low-Carb Options

Looking for a tasty breakfast but need to watch your diet? Boothbay Harbor cafes are here for you. Bridge Street Cafe and Red Cup Coffeehouse stand out. They offer excellent gluten-free and low-carb choices.

gluten-free breakfast

Bridge Street Cafe

Bridge Street Cafe is famous for its wide range of gluten-free breakfasts. They make sure customers with gluten allergies can enjoy their meals. They serve everything from gluten-free pancakes to low-carb omelets.

About 60% of their breakfast menu is designed for those with dietary needs. It’s why the cafe is a top pick in the area. Customers often praise their thoughtful service and diverse menu options.

Red Cup Coffeehouse

Red Cup Coffeehouse is great at serving people who follow specific diets. Their menu is full of gluten-free and low-carb choices. This caters to those who are health-conscious.

They ensure 55% of their menu meets dietary restrictions. Customers love their delicious gluten-free brioche and unique low-carb meals. Red Cup Coffeehouse is serious about making everyone feel included.

At these places, you’ll feel right at home. They take great care to meet dietary needs. Their dedication makes Boothbay Harbor a welcoming spot for food lovers of all types.

Place Gluten-Free Percentage Low-Carb Percentage Average Price Rating
Bridge Street Cafe 60% 60% $12 4.5
Red Cup Coffeehouse 55% 55% $10 4.3

Why Blue Moon Cafe is a Must-Visit

Blue Moon Cafe, located in Boothbay Harbor, is famous for its tasty homemade pastries and lovely harborside spot. Fred Munro, who took over in 2006, has made the cafe a top breakfast destination. He kept the original menu but added new, yummy options. Now, the cafe is enjoying its 10th season under his leadership.

Blue Moon Cafe

The cafe offers a wide range of breakfast foods. You can choose from cinnamon and pecan French toast, smoked salmon bagels, and omelets. But the blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins are real stars. They capture the taste of Maine perfectly.

Homemade Blueberry Muffins

The homemade blueberry muffins are famous. They’re made fresh daily with local blueberries. These muffins have become a favorite for both locals and visitors. They truly show what homemade pastries are all about. They make mornings special.

Homemade Blueberry Pancakes

The blueberry pancakes are just as amazing. They’re fluffy, tasty, and covered with real Maine maple syrup. This mix not only showcases local ingredients but also creates a memorable breakfast.

Furthermore, the cafe’s location makes it even more charming. Guests can enjoy their meals on a sunny deck with a view of the harbor. Even though parking can be tough, the cafe’s curbside service and free delivery in the town center are very convenient.

Year Event
2006 Fred Munro purchased the Blue Moon Cafe.
1996-2006 Munro’s tenure at McSeagull’s.
2016 10th season of Blue Moon Cafe under Munro’s ownership.

When you’re in Boothbay Harbor, don’t miss Blue Moon Cafe. It’s the perfect place for enjoying blueberry muffins and pancakes or a relaxing brunch by the harbor. This cafe promises a dining experience you won’t forget.

Discover Unique Breakfast Menus

Boothbay Harbor’s culinary scene is thrilling with inventive breakfast menus. The East Boothbay General Store and Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile stand out. They offer breakfasts unlike any other.

East Boothbay General Store

In East Boothbay, this spot offers unique morning meals. They serve things like breakfast pizzas and peanut butter with bacon sandwiches. Their goal? To make your morning unforgettable with creative dishes.

unique breakfast menus

Boothbay Harbor has many dining spots to explore. Each offers its own culinary adventure for visitors.

Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile

Mama Dโ€™s Cafe is unique in the local food scene. It mixes diner classics with a creative touch. Their breakfast sandwiches, for example, are unforgettable. They perfectly blend tradition with innovation.

For more dining options in Boothbay Harbor with unique breakfasts, visit this dining guide.

Best Breakfast Places in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Exploring Boothbay Harbor reveals top morning spots: Blue Moon Cafe and Bridge Street Cafe. These places are known for their delicious breakfast. They give visitors a fantastic breakfast experience.

Blue Moon Cafe

Blue Moon Cafe offers beautiful harbor views. It stands out for its homemade pastries and blueberry pancakes. Their Sunday brunch from 7:30 a.m. to noon is a major draw for everyone.

Bridge Street Cafe

Bridge Street Cafe is a favorite for breakfast in Boothbay Harbor. It’s known for its cozy vibe and delicious breakfast dishes. They have gluten-free and low-carb options, making it great for all diets. Their blueberry pancakes and French toast are must-tries.

Cozy Cafes for a Perfect Breakfast

Looking for cozy cafes in Boothbay Harbor for the perfect breakfast? Try Red Cup Coffeehouse and Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile. With excellent coffee and tasty pastries, they have a welcoming feel you’ll enjoy at the start of your day.

Red Cup Coffeehouse

Red Cup Coffeehouse is known for its cozy atmosphere in Boothbay Harbor. Itโ€™s a community favorite, providing a lovely place to enjoy top-notch coffee and healthy breakfast choices. Youโ€™ll find a wide selection of drinks and baked goods, making it a go-to for a warm breakfast.

Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile

Step into Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile and feel right at home. It’s among the coziest spots in Boothbay Harbor, known for its diner vibe. Enjoy their fresh breakfast sandwiches and great coffee. Plus, it’s the place for enjoying tasty pastries in a friendly setting.

Cafe Name Special Features
Red Cup Coffeehouse Health-conscious fare, inviting space
Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile Softly lit diner atmosphere, freshly-prepared breakfast sandwiches, rich coffee

Are you looking for a peaceful place for your morning coffee? Or a cozy spot for a delicious meal? Red Cup Coffeehouse and Mama Dโ€™s Cafe Mercantile are great choices. Both places combine comfort with tasty food, making them must-visits in Boothbay Harbor for a pleasant breakfast experience.

Top Spots for Fresh Seafood Breakfasts

Boothbay Harbor is a must-visit for fresh seafood breakfasts. It’s a place where the sea meets the morning meal in Maine. The harbor celebrates its maritime heritage, making it perfect for those who love seafood. Here, you can enjoy a lobster breakfast or other local treats to start your day.

Boothbay Lobster Wharf

The Boothbay Lobster Wharf is well-known for its fresh seafood. It’s right next to the working waterfront. The restaurant serves breakfasts with the freshest catches of the day. You can have a classic lobster breakfast or try a seafood dish with a twist. Either way, you’re in for a tasty and memorable morning.

Enjoying your meal with a view of the harbor adds to the experience. The waterside location lets guests enjoy their food while taking in the peaceful views. It’s a wonderful way to start any day.

Betโ€™s Fish Fry

Betโ€™s Fish Fry is known for its excellent fried fish breakfasts. This place combines sea flavors with cozy breakfast foods. Their meals showcase the best of fresh seafood, offering diners a delightful start to their day. Bet’s serves dishes made from the daily catches, sharing the true taste of Boothbay Harbor with everyone.

Here’s a brief comparison of these top spots:

Restaurant Average Rating Number of Reviews Key Features
Boothbay Lobster Wharf 4.6 141 Waterfront dining, fresh lobster, local catches
Betโ€™s Fish Fry 4.4 10 Fried fish, traditional breakfast, local seafood

Both Boothbay Lobster Wharf and Betโ€™s Fish Fry make Boothbay Harbor a top spot for seafood lovers. They offer memorable Maine culinary experiences to all their visitors.

Outdoor Seating and Harbor Views

For those eager to enjoy outdoor seating and beautiful Boothbay Harbor views, The Deck Bar & Grill and Blue Moon Cafe stand out.

The Deck Bar & Grill

At the scenic Linekin Bay Resort, The Deck Bar & Grill offers harborside dining with a view. Guests are wrapped in the bay’s peaceful ambiance while enjoying tasty breakfast selections. It’s an ideal spot to start the morning with a delightful menu and stunning views.

Blue Moon Cafe

Equally, Blue Moon Cafe is a top choice for breakfast with a view of Boothbay Harbor. On the cafeโ€™s deck, guests can enjoy dishes like homemade blueberry muffins and famous Maine blueberry pancakes. This setting, with its harbor views, makes for a pleasant meal outdoors.

The Deck Bar & Grill and Blue Moon Cafe both showcase Boothbay Harbor’s mix of fine dining and scenic beauty. They provide a fantastic outdoor dining experience. Whether visiting or local, these places offer great food and breathtaking views for a memorable meal.

Cafes with Live Music for a Vibrant Morning

In Boothbay Harbor, starting your day with live music adds magic to your mornings. Whether you’re up for a musical brunch or want a morning filled with music, local artists offer great Boothbay Harbor entertainment. They make your breakfast experience special.

Many cafes here mix tasty breakfast with lively music, starting your day off right. As I enjoy my coffee and breakfast, the live music uplifts the mood. Itโ€™s not just about food, but also the experience of breakfast and beats.

Places like Blue Moon Cafe welcome you with great food and local music. You can enjoy homemade blueberry muffins while listening to talented artists. The Deck Bar & Grill at Linekin Bay Resort offers beautiful views and live music, perfect for a relaxed morning.

Features Blue Moon Cafe Deck Bar & Grill
Type of Music Acoustic, Jazz Chill, Coastal Tunes
Popular Breakfast Items Blueberry Pancakes Lobster Benedict
Unique Selling Point Homemade Blueberry Muffins Harborside Views

If youโ€™re staying at the Five Gables Inn, youโ€™ll love the peaceful vibe. It offers a breakfast made from scratch thatโ€™s sure to impress. The innโ€™s care makes mornings extraordinary for guests.

Boothbay Harbor excels in merging yummy food, local seafood, and cool beverages with live music. This ensures every morning is lively and memorable.

Perfect Places for Special Occasions

Celebrating a special occasion in Boothbay Harbor means finding the right place. It’s not just about good food but also the vibe. Linekin Bay Resort and Ports of Italy are perfect for these moments. They offer great service and amenities, making any event in Boothbay Harbor special.

Linekin Bay Resort

Imagine your event by the water at Linekin Bay Resort. It’s a magical spot. The resort has activities for families and couples. Itโ€™s great for dining and staying.

While eating, you can look out at the water. This makes any celebration better. The resort also has top-notch amenities for a fancy stay.

Ports of Italy

For Italian food lovers, Ports of Italy is a gem. It’s known for its Central Italian dishes. Whether it’s a small or big occasion, this place is ideal.

Their homemade pasta and traditional meals feel like Italy. Ports of Italy is a key part of Boothbay Harbor’s dining scene. It adds elegance and charm to Boothbay Harbor celebrations.


Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is a top spot for breakfast lovers. It blends American dining with its nautical heritage brilliantly. One of the best places for breakfast is Waves, with a top 4.6 rating from 141 reviews. This spot is a must-see on any breakfast tour for its great food and calm setting.

Mama D’s Cafe is another favorite, famous for cosy and delicious meals with a 4.1 rating. Meanwhile, the Blue Moon Cafe gets a 4.2 from 106 reviews and is ideal for enjoying a meal against the backdrop of the harbor. And for those looking for something new, Kellyโ€™s Cafe is a hit for breakfast sandwiches with a 4.4 rating.

The fresh seafood at Betโ€™s Fish Fry and Boothbay Lobster Wharf is a big draw. Starting the day with a lobster roll there is unbeatable. Want breakfast with live music? Check out spots by the harbor. Don’t miss Coastal Prime for its bar menu, boasting a 4.4 rating, and Woodsong Market, which impresses with a perfect 5-star rating from happy customers.

Celebrating something special? Try Linekin Bay Resort or Ports of Italy. Or enjoy a laid-back morning at local hotspots. Boothbay Harbor offers a wide menu, from comfort food to unique dishes. This coastal town promises a dining adventure filled with the warmth of Maine’s hospitality.

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