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Mountains and hiking trails near Bangor, Maine.

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Bangor, Maine, is a great starting point for an outdoor adventure. It’s among the best spots in the state for hiking. Being Maine’s third-largest city, Bangor offers a good life. It has affordable living and is close to places like Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park.

Mountains near Bangor are great for all hiking levels. Bald Mountain’s top is 1,261 feet high. It offers a rewarding hike with beautiful views of Phillips Lake. Chick Hill & Little Chick stand tall at 1,160 feet. They have trails perfect for snowshoeing and views of Acadia National Park. Great Pond Mountain provides a 4-mile family hike with Penobscot Bay scenes.

For those who want more challenge, Blue Hill is 50 minutes from Bangor. It has trails from 2 to 4 miles long with stunning views of Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Borestone Mountain, the area’s highest at 1,947 feet, offers vast views. You’ll see the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Hundred Mile Wilderness and Moosehead Lake.

Bangor is the perfect place to start exploring Maine’s north. It promises beautiful hiking trails in the heart of New England.

Bald Mountain Hiking Adventure

Bald Mountain near Bangor, Maine, is a great spot for a hike. It’s perfect for families and beginners, with a gentle climb of 1,261 feet. The trail is around 1.5 miles long and is good for kids and dogs too. You’ll see beautiful views and learn about the area’s history. Getting there is easy, with plenty of parking for everyone.

Bald Mountain hike difficulty trail length hiking trails near Bangor Maine scenic views

Elevation and Distance

The hike up Bald Mountain is easy enough for all hikers. The round trip is 1.4 miles. Going to Bald Mountain Rangeley stretches about 2.3 miles. In winter, the snow makes it harder, but snowshoes help. This makes winter hiking an exciting challenge.

Scenic Views and Wildlife

Reaching the top of Bald Mountain, you’ll see amazing views. You can spot Saddleback Mountain, Elephant Mountain, and even Mount Washington. The landscapes here are beautiful, perfect for photos. Wildlife watchers might see local animals, adding to the adventure.

Trailhead and Parking Information

The trailhead for Bald Mountain is just 23 minutes from Bangor. It’s easy to find and has lots of parking. There are picnic tables too, making it a nice place for a meal outdoors. You can relax and enjoy nature here.

Feature Details
Total Miles Round Trip 1.4 miles
Hike Difficulty Easy
Kid Friendly Yes
Dog Friendly Yes
Ideal for Picnics Yes
Parking Lot Available
Scenic Views Nearby Mountains, Phillips Lake

Exploring Chick Hill & Little Chick

Chick Hill and Little Chick are great for hikers. Chick Hill stands tall at 1,160 feet. From here, you can see Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island. The way to the top is rough, stretching 2.9 miles with an elevation gain of 830 feet.

Chick Hill hiking routes

Trail Routes and Options

The climb up Chick Hill has a rough path known as Fire Road 32. It starts 1.3 miles from the parking lot and goes to the summit. For those wanting a shorter route, an unofficial trail marked with orange blazes offers a quick way. This path is loved by locals and leads to both hills. In winter, bring snowshoes and microspikes for safety against ice.

Best Time to Hike

The best times to hike are in spring and fall. These seasons offer long days perfect for sunrise hikes. Although rare, the Northern Lights can be seen on night hikes. Be sure to pack a headlamp and warm clothing. Also, the views at sunrise are especially stunning.

Parking and Accessibility

There’s easy parking near Route 9 and Chick Hill Road. The trail to Chick Hill is rocky and steep in parts. Signs along the way keep hikers safe. It’s suitable for families and dogs are welcome too. But, be warned, cell service at the top isn’t great. Plan for this.

Trail Information Details
Distance Approximately 2.9 miles
Elevation Gain Approximately 830 feet
Time to Complete An hour and a half, longer if stopping for lunch
Accessibility for Kids Yes
Pet-friendly Dogs allowed
Winter Hiking Suitability Suitable with microspikes

Great Pond Mountain: A Family-Friendly Hike

Great Pond Mountain is an ideal spot for family hikes. It’s surrounded by natural beauty and has a moderate hike level. The trail is about 40 minutes from Bangor. It stretches over a 4-mile roundtrip. This offers a splendid outdoor adventure for families.

Great Pond Mountain family hikes

Scenic Views

At 1,020 feet, the summit of Great Pond Mountain offers amazing views. You can see Penobscot Bay and the Narrows Bridge from the top. On clear days, Acadia National Park might also be visible. The trail maps point out areas of interest making it perfect for seeing wildlife and enjoying Maine’s landscapes.

Trail Difficulty and Length

Great Pond Mountain’s trails are great for different hikers. They are of average difficulty, just right for families. The path is 4 miles in total, with gentle slopes. It’s great for anyone wanting to explore outdoors, whether it’s for a quick walk or a bit more of a challenge.

Picnic Areas and Rest Spots

There are various picnic spots and places to rest along the trail. A notable spot is the false summit with its flat granite slabs. These are perfect for picnics. Rest stops let you take in the peaceful surroundings. The journey is as enjoyable as reaching the top, thanks to these features.

Trail Name Hiking Difficulty Trail Distance
Forks Area Scenic Trail Easy 4 miles
B-52 Crash Site on Elephant Mountain Easy 0.5 miles
Little Abol Falls Easy to Moderate 4.2 miles
Moxie Falls Easy 2 miles

In conclusion, Great Pond Mountain promises an unforgettable hike. It features stunning views, easy-to-follow trail maps, and convenient resting spots. It’s a gem for families seeking outdoor fun. Everyone is sure to enjoy a lovely day surrounded by nature.

The Charm of Blue Hill

Blue Hill calls to hikers with its history and beautiful views. It rises 940 feet and has trails from 2 to 4 miles long. These paths offer views of Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic.

Blue Hill hiking adventure

The Blue Hill Inn, since 1896, has been key to the area. It offers sweeping views of Blue Hill Mountain, making hikes even better. The Homestead was a place where up to sixty guests ate together and did fun activities. These include sailing, music, and picnics.

Blue Hill’s trails are just an hour from Bangor. You can get there via Mountain Road from Routes 172 or 15. The trailhead is easy to find. From the top, you can see Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

Over time, Parker Point grew from a summer spot to a full-time community. The Blue Hill Country Club started in 1928. It’s big in the community for social events. It began with a golf course designed by Eugene Wogan in 1925.

Exploring Blue Hill offers a deep and beautiful journey. Its easy access, history, and views are unmatched. It’s perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Historical Highlights Details
Blue Hill Inn Opened in 1896, offers scenic views
The Homestead Seated up to 60, provided communal meals
Activities Offered Sailing, music, picnic excursions
Population Growth Grew by 507 people by 1880
Blue Hill Country Club Established in 1928, active today
Shipbuilding 133 vessels built between 1792-1891

So, Blue Hill is full of history and beauty. It’s a great place for adventurous hiking with a hint of history.

Hiking Borestone Mountain

Hiking Borestone Mountain is an exciting trip in the Hundred Mile Wilderness of Northern Maine. It’s a place full of natural wonders. The hike offers lovely scenes and a bit of a challenge with the climb. That effort is rewarded with beautiful views at the top.

Elevation and Views

Borestone Mountain stands tall at 1,947 feet. It has a 3.4-mile trail for hikers. The hike is a bit tough but worth it for the views from the top. You can see Moosehead Lake and beyond from two peaks. The area also has three clear ponds named Sunrise, Midday, and Sunset.

Borestone Mountain

Trail Conditions and Safety

Keeping safe is key on Borestone Mountain’s trails. They are well kept, with 130 stone steps and steel grips for help, thanks to Maine Conservation Corps. Trail conditions can change, so staying updated is important. Remember, no pets are allowed in the Audubon Sanctuary to protect the area.

Best Time to Hike

Late spring to early fall is the best time to hike Borestone Mountain. This is when the weather is nice, and the views are clear. Maine Audubon members and kids under six hike free. Otherwise, there is a small fee which helps keep the trails in good shape.

Here’s more about the Borestone Mountain hike:

Trail Feature Details
Elevation 1,947 feet
Round Trip Distance 3.4 miles
Time Required 3 to 4 hours
Trail Fees $5 for nonmember adults, $3 for students and seniors
Key Features Panoramic views, 130 stone steps, two steel handholds, three ponds

City Forest Trails in Bangor

Bangor’s City Forest has a wide range of trails. These trails are great for hiking, running, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. Located off Stillwater Avenue, it’s a favorite spot for beginners and experts alike.

Trail Options and Difficulty Levels

The City Forest has many Bangor trails with different levels of difficulty. You can find gentle paths for relaxing walks or challenging routes for an exciting bike ride. It’s perfect for serious hikers and casual walkers.

Wildlife and Natural Scenery

Walking here lets you see beautiful wildlife and nature. The forest’s green areas and wetlands are home to various animals. Whether you enjoy birdwatching or spotting small mammals, the City Forest makes every visit special.

Accessibility and Facilities

Getting to the City Forest is easy, thanks to thoughtful planning. It’s near Stillwater Avenue, with plenty of parking and smooth trails. The area includes features for everyone, even those with pets or who enjoy dog-walking trails or cross-country skiing. You can also find spots to picnic and take in the view.

Trail Name Activities Acreage Key Features
City Forest Hiking, Running, Biking, Skiing 650+ Diverse Difficulty, Wildlife, Accessible Paths
Brown Woods Dog-Walking, Hiking 28 Picnic Areas, Natural Trails
Essex Woods Sledding, Skiing, Biking 70 Sledding Hill, Varied Terrain
Kenduskeag Stream Parkway Walking, Dog-Walking 7.5 miles Waterfront, Picnic Spots
Northeast Penjajawoc Trail Hiking N/A Ecological Preserve, Scenic
Prentiss Woods Hiking 25.5 Forest Preserve, Accessible
Walden Parke Blue Trail Hiking N/A Part of Bangor Land Trust

Discovering Great North Woods: Borestone

The Great North Woods showcases the peaceful wild of northern Maine, with Borestone Mountain as a top highlight. This rugged area is in the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Hundred Mile Wilderness. It’s perfect for those who love outdoor adventures.

Great North Woods

is famous for its scenic hiking paths, clear ponds, and a lodge that focuses on nature education. Standing at 1,947 feet, the mountain gives stunning views of untouched nature. It’s a magnet for those who seek eco-friendly thrills.

This place is a nature sanctuary. It welcomes hikers, bird watchers, and campers to immerse in northern Maine’s beauty. Attractions include Moosehead Lake, the biggest lake in the east inside one state, and Big Moose Mountain. The latter is part of Maine’s Public Reserve Land.

For an outdoor trip, the Great North Woods has many trails to offer. There’s a two-mile loop at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. And, there are scenic paths in Baxter State Park. These trails show you the beauty of nature.

The Hundred Mile Wilderness is especially stunning. It offers hikers paths through pristine wilderness and beautiful views. Bird watchers will love the diversity of birds here, thanks to the Demonstration Forest project.

In conclusion, the Great North Woods and Borestone Mountain are among Maine’s natural jewels. They invite you to a unique eco-adventure.

Brown Woods Hiking Experience

Brown Woods is a delightful local hike. It is located just 10 minutes away on Ohio Street. This 28-acre natural reserve is great for family trips and dog walking. It offers a peaceful escape within the Bangor area. The trail features a 0.83-mile loop with an 82 feet elevation gain. It provides a light challenge that is suitable for all ages.

Trail Features and Length

The hiking distance at Brown Woods is 4,000 feet of well-marked trails. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities. You can enjoy a short walk or a longer adventure. The trails are designed for a relaxing pace, great for families and dog walkers. With well-kept paths and clear trail maps, finding your way is easy.

Brown Woods Hiking Experience

Parking and Picnic Spots

Brown Woods offers easy parking from Ohio Street. This ensures that all visitors have easy access. The park also has picnic spots, making it great for outdoor family activities. Enjoy a quiet meal in the beautiful woods. These features make Brown Woods a favorite for local hikes and family outings.

Park Name Location Distance Elevation Gain Route Type
Brown Woods Ohio Street 0.83 miles 82 ft Loop

Exploring Kenduskeag Stream Trail

The Kenduskeag Stream Trail offers scenic hikes right from downtown Bangor’s heart. It’s a beautiful spot for both locals and visitors. Along the waterfront, it’s landscaped perfectly, making it great for many activities.

Kenduskeag Stream Trail scenic views

Scenic Sections

The trail has many beautiful sections along the river. These areas let hikers enjoy urban and natural sights. It’s filled with themed paths and is accessible to everyone.

Ideal Activities

You can walk, run, or walk dogs on this trail. Families love picnicking here on sunny days. Plus, it connects to other Bangor trails, making the downtown area easy to explore.

Parking and Accessibility

Parking is easy to find on Harlow Street. With several entry points, it’s simple to start exploring. You get to enjoy both urban vibes and nature’s beauty in downtown Bangor.

Quick Facts:

Feature Details
Location Downtown Bangor
Trail Length Varies
Activities Walking, Running, Dog-walking
Parking Available on Harlow Street

The Beauty of Northeast Penjajawoc Trail

The Northeast Penjajawoc Trail shows off the natural beauty of Maine. Managed by the Bangor Land Trust, this 1.7-mile trail is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. It’s near Kittredge Road and easy to find, thanks to its clear trailhead signs.

The area has 80.5 acres of woods and wetlands. It’s untouched nature at its best. The trail offers 18.4 acres of important wetlands. These include three areas highly valued for their ecosystems. As you walk, six signs point out different nature spots, talking about the preserve’s habitats and sights.

Regional hikes like this are what make Maine trails special. They highlight the state’s beauty and are a favorite for those who love scenic hiking. Plus, you can enjoy it all for free any time of the year. Remember to keep dogs on a leash to protect wildlife.

For adventure seekers, there’s lots of geocaching nearby. With 296 geocaches around Bangor, exploring is fun. To learn more, visit the Bangor Land Trust. They provide guided maps and details about the nature spots. Contact them at 941-1010 or info@bangorlandtrust.org.

The Northeast Penjajawoc Trail reflects Bangor’s eco-friendly spirit. It’s an excellent example of the area’s effort to keep nature pristine. For anyone wanting to explore the wilderness, it’s the perfect spot for regional hikes.

Mountain Biking in Essex Woods

Essex Woods spans about 70 acres, offering a playground for those who love mountain biking. Its trails wind through exciting wetlands and areas full of new trees. This makes for a captivating ride. Here’s your guide to getting the most out of Essex Woods.

Trail Maps and Routes

Having the right trail maps can really change your biking experience. Essex Woods has clearly marked paths for bikers at any level. Check out the Bangor Area Trails Map from Bangor Greendrinks. It helps you find both easy rides and tough singletracks. You can also try the Walden Parke Blue Trail for more variety.

Difficulty Levels

Essex Woods has trails for all skill levels. You can find easy routes or take on harder ones. Those looking for a challenge might try the Essex Woods Fat Bike Race Course. It’s 3.7 miles long with plenty of hills. Nearby spots like the Blackstrap Hill Preserve add even more options for daring bikers.

Best Times for Mountain Biking

Knowing when to ride is key for the best experience. Spring and fall are the best times to hit Essex Woods. The weather is just right, and the trails are at their best. These seasons provide the perfect weather for an adventure, whether through wetlands or reforested lands.

In short, Essex Woods is great for bike lovers, whether you enjoy steep climbs or beautiful wetlands. With easy-to-find maps, trails for all levels, and great seasons, it’s a must-visit for bikers.

Water Company Dam Loop via Jordan Pond Path

The Water Company Dam Loop is found on the Jordan Pond Path. It’s a stunning trail in Acadia National Park that makes hiking enjoyable. The trail is 3.4 miles long. It offers just the right amount of challenge for those who love to explore.

Trail Length and Difficulty

This trail stretches for 3.4 miles. It’s perfect for family hikes and beginners. The level of challenge is moderate. That means it’s not too easy, but not too hard either. It’s a beloved trail for its balance of natural beauty and hiking features.

Views and Points of Interest

The Water Company Dam Loop is known for its interesting spots. You can see the historic dam and Jordan Pond. Walking the Jordan Pond Path, you’ll find beautiful sights and local attractions. These highlights showcase the area’s nature and geology.

Parking and Facilities

Parking for the Water Company Dam Loop is easy to find. Signs lead to well-kept parking spots with enough room and facilities for hikers. This preparation makes the trip smoother. Plus, there are picnic tables and rest stops. These features make the trail perfect for a fun outdoor adventure.

Overall, the Water Company Dam Loop via Jordan Pond Path offers an amazing hike. It has a touch of history and beautiful landscapes. The trail is accessible, with clear information on parking and points of interest. It promises a memorable experience for everyone.

The Wonderland Trail Adventure

The Wonderland Trail in Acadia National Park is an easy 1.4-mile hike that takes you deep into state of Maine wilderness. It’s great for those who want to see beautiful coastal views and explore great outdoors.

Beginning at the ski area in the Longfellow Mountains, the Wonderland Trail offers a plethora of hiking options suitable for both beginners and seasoned explorers. The trail winds through dense forests, picturesque meadows, and enchanting valleys, presenting an ever-changing natural backdrop that leaves hikers speechless. Along the way, one can expect to encounter gushing waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and an abundance of wildlife, further enhancing the allure of this extraordinary journey.

Trail Highlights

The trail is known for its beautiful beaches, pools, and stunning ocean views. You can see diverse wildlife and enjoy the nature around. Keep in mind, dogs must be on a 6-foot leash for everyone’s safety.

Perfect Seasons to Visit

Spring and autumn are the best times to hike the Wonderland Trail. The weather is mild, and you’ll see a lot of wildlife and beautiful scenes. Remember to protect yourself from the sun. A fee is required from May to October to help keep the park beautiful.

Wildlife and Scenic Views

Spotting wildlife on this trail is an experience you’ll remember. You’ll enjoy the views and the coastal beauty. Park guides ask visitors to respect the sea life and not move rocks. This keeps the park’s natural beauty intact for everyone.

Wonderland Trail

Acadia National Park’s Wonderland Trail is a peaceful nature retreat. It offers stunning views that enchant all who visit.

The Beehive Loop: A Strenuous Option

The Beehive Loop in Acadia National Park is a 1.4-mile trail. It’s a big challenge for experienced hikers. With strenuous trails and challenging hikes, it includes steep climbs and rugged terrains. You need to be fit and ready for adventure. This trail is great for those who love an adventurous climb. It makes you navigate through demanding paths with lots of ups and downs. You need to be cautious and well-prepared.

In Acadia National Park’s stunning setting, the Beehive Loop is known for its adrenaline-inducing adventure. It’s near the Park Loop Road, which has an entry fee. Remember to plan your trip well. Starting by Sand Beach, it goes up swiftly using iron rungs and granite steps. This creates an exciting climb to the top, standing 525 feet tall.

Before you hike, think about hiking safety precautions. The steep, narrow paths need careful steps and good weather. Try to avoid peak times, like weekends from 9AM-4PM. This way, you won’t find it too crowded. An early start is best. The views from the top are amazing. You’ll see Mount Desert Island and beautiful ocean scenes. They’re definitely worth the climb.

If you’re not used to steep and open hikes, start with easier ones. Practice on trails like the Precipice Trail to get ready for tough terrains. Always bring plenty of water, wear the right shoes, and stay on marked trails. This ensures a safe and fun hike.

Trail Name Length Elevation Gain Notable Features
Beehive Loop 1.4 miles 520 feet Iron rungs, rugged terrain
Precipice Trail 2.1 miles 1,053 feet Steep climbs, iron ladders
Cadillac Mountain Summit Road 3.5 miles 1,530 feet Scenic views, highest point in Park

Sargent Mountain Loop via Around-Mountain Carriage Road

The Sargent Mountain Loop, found on the Around-Mountain Carriage Road, is a fun hiking trail for those looking for a bit of a challenge. This 4.3-mile journey offers stunning views and elevations.

One of the highlights of this loop trail is the opportunity to ascend New Hermon Mountain, a lesser-known peak in Camden Hills State Park. From the summit, hikers are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the pristine coastline. It’s a great spot to take a break, soak in the beauty of nature, and capture some memorable photographs.

Trail Length and Elevation

This trail stretches 4.3 miles and reaches up to 1,379 feet high. It usually takes about three hours to finish, including rest time. This route takes you to the second tallest peak in Acadia National Park. The paths are easy to follow thanks to the blue markings or stone piles.

Scenic Spots along the Way

As you walk, you’ll see incredible places built in the early 1900s by the Rockefeller family. For an easier trek downwards, the Spring Trail on Penobscot Mountain has steps made of granite. You might see a waterfall on the Deer Brook Trail or enjoy the views from the Sargent East Cliffs Trail. Some parts even offer a rock scramble for those wanting a challenge.

Parking and Visitor Tips

Parking is easy to find next to the Jordan Pond House. To make your hike better, it’s good to follow some tips. Be ready for all kinds of weather and take care of the nature around you. The #4 Loop Road and #5 Jordan Pond shuttles make getting to the trail easy. The Jordan Pond Path is a relaxed way back after your adventure.

Acadia National Park Hiking Trails

Acadia National Park in Maine is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. With a diverse landscape that includes rocky coastlines, dense forests, and towering mountains, there is a trail for every type of hiker. Whether you prefer leisurely walks or challenging climbs, Acadia’s hiking trails have something to offer.

One of the most popular trails in Acadia is the Big Squaw Mountain trail. Located in the western part of the park, this trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The hike is moderately challenging, with some steep sections, but the effort is well worth it once you reach the summit. On a clear day, you can see for miles, taking in the beauty of Acadia from a bird’s eye view.

Another great aspect of Acadia National Park is its accessibility. Situated just a short drive from the bustling town of Bar Harbor, Acadia is perfect for those looking to escape the city for a day of adventure. Within an hour’s drive, you can find yourself immersed in the tranquil beauty of the park, ready to explore its diverse range of hiking trails.

Popular Hikes and Their Features

Cadillac Mountain is a highlight, towering at 1,530 feet. It gives awesome views of Bar Harbor. For a less tough hike, try the Great Head Trail. It shows off Frenchman Bay. The Ocean Path Trail is great for easy walks, stretching from Sand Beach to Otter Point.

If you’re up for a thrill, the Precipice Trail and Beehive Trail are perfect. They have iron rungs and ladders for climbing. Acadia has great loops too. The Sauveur Mountain and Valley Peak Loop is 3.2 miles long. Or try the longer 4.0 miles loop that goes over several mountains.

Sargent Mountain is the second-highest peak in the park and offers another great hike. It’s reached by the Around-Mountain Carriage Road, part of 45 miles of car-free roads. Remember to bring what you need, follow the blue trail blazes, and respect nature by leaving no trace.

Dogs can join you in many spots if they’re on a short leash. But keep in mind, biking, horses, and camping are not allowed on trails. To get around, use the Island Explorer shuttle. It’s free and gives you easy access to trails. This way, you can fully enjoy Acadia’s beautiful scenery.

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