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What is tanning cocktail and tips for spray tan.

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A tanning cocktail combines sunbed sessions with a spray tan. It boosts your tan’s life and glow. Sunbed UV rays prep your skin, increasing melanin. This helps the spray tan sink in better, for a vibrant look.

To get the most from tanning cocktail tips, start with your skin. Exfoliate and moisturize 3-5 days before your tanning session. This removes dead skin, letting the tan apply evenly.

Also, shower, shave, and exfoliate a day before your tan. These steps help your tan last longer and look better.

As people get older, they often choose spray tans. Airbrush tans, though pricier, give great results. They’re more precise than machines, tailored to your skin. Proper before and aftercare makes your tan last and boosts your skin’s tone.

Understanding Cocktail Tanning

Cocktail tanning is getting a lot of attention for its deep and lasting tan. It combines sunbed UV rays and a quick spray tan for the perfect glow.

cocktail tanning

Definition and Process

This two-step method boosts melanin for a deeper, lasting tan. Here’s the process:

  1. Sunbed Session: First, a sunbed session stimulates melanin production. This sets the base for the tan.
  2. Sunless Spray Tan: After the sunbed, a spray tan is applied. The pre-existing UV rays make the skin more receptive, ensuring a deep, even color.

Why It’s Effective

Cocktail tanning works well because of its two-part approach. UV rays kickstart melanin, essential for a natural look. The spray tan then seals the deal for quick, durable results.

This method suits many, from the fairest to the deepest skin tones:

  1. Pale skin: Burns easily, often found in people with light hair and blue or green eyes.
  2. Fair skin: Hard to tan, prone to burning, with mixed hair and eye colors.
  3. Light brown or olive skin: Tans slowly and may burn, comes in various hair and eye colors.
  4. Caramel or medium brown skin: Tans without trouble, hardly burns, and goes with dark hair and hazel or brown eyes.
  5. Bronze or rich brown skin: Easy tanning, no burning, usually with dark hair and hazel or brown eyes.
  6. Mahogany or black skin: Quick to tan and doesn’t burn, common with dark hair and eyes.

Benefits of Cocktail Tanning

Cocktail tanning combines different tanning methods for a deeper tan. It uses both sunbeds and spray tans. This way, you get a tan that lasts longer and looks more natural.

cocktail tanning

  1. Deeper Tan: This method mixes sunbed sessions with spray tans to boost melanin. VITALITY’s lotions, with options like 8%, 10%, and 12% DHA, last up to 10 days. You get a rich tan that stays longer.
  2. Best Results for Various Skin Types: SUN SHOWER works on any skin type. Its 360Β° non-aerosol spray reaches everywhere, making tanning even all over your body.
  3. Improved Skin Health: Mixing tanning with products like EAU DE SOLEIL can make your skin look better. These products tone and hydrate, improving your tan’s look.

Athletes might like the PUMPED formula for a smudge-free, dark tan. VITESSE is great for a quick tan, taking only 4-6 hours to set.

Getting ready properly is crucial for a great tan. BALANCE preps your skin, making sure it’s hydrated and ready. The VersaSpa Exfoliator is also key for a long-lasting tan.

“To get a consistent, natural tan, mix sunbeds, red light therapy, and the right products. It’s all about preparing well and caring for your skin after.”

To enjoy the full benefits of cocktail tanning, follow a careful plan. For example, try a 10-minute sunbed session before each spray tan, and add a 12-minute Red Light Therapy session. This routine helps your tan last and look good.

The Importance of Proper Preparation

Getting the perfect tan requires proper preparation. Steps like exfoliating and hydrating the skin are important. They help remove barriers like makeup and lotions that can hinder the tanning process. By following these steps, you can get an even tan that looks natural and lasts longer.

Exfoliating and Hydrating the Skin

Prepare your skin before your tanning session. Exfoliating removes dead skin, giving a smoother surface for the tan. It leads to an even tan, which is crucial for looking your best.

After exfoliating, hydrating your skin is equally important. Moist skin absorbs the tan better, avoiding uneven spots and coloration. This step ensures your tan looks great and stays longer.

Shaving or Waxing Beforehand

Shave or wax 24 hours before tanning to prevent irritation. This prevents open pores from catching too much tanning solution, avoiding dark spots. Good preparation like this ensures you’re comfortable and get the best tan result.

Removing Makeup and Lotions

Shower before your tanning session to remove makeup, perfumes, and lotions. These products can block the tanning solution from absorbing evenly. Clean skin helps you achieve a consistent tan.

After showering, apply a non-oil moisturizer if your skin feels dry. This aids in getting a smooth, uniform tan application.

exfoliating and hydrating the skin

Preparation Steps Benefits
Exfoliating Removes dead skin cells and promotes an even tan
Hydrating Ensures skin is well-hydrated for even application
Shaving/Waxing Prevents skin irritation and open pores trapping solution
Removing Makeup and Lotions Eliminates barriers to the tan solution for an even finish

Following these steps will help you get the most out of your tan. It ensures a glowing, even look. Using a barthier cream lotion can also help, especially on dry or uneven areas.

Choosing the Right Tanning Lotion

Finding the perfect tanning lotion is key for the best sunbed results. Whether you’re new or experienced, the right indoor tanning lotion makes the tanning better. It gives you a smooth, lasting tan and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy.

Beginners should try accelerating lotions to get a base tan fast. These lotions have moisturizers that make your skin tan quickly and keep the color longer. They help keep your tan even through many tanning sessions. Using a tan solution with accelerators like Tyrosine boosts melanin. This makes your skin tan faster than usual.

If you want immediate results, pick a bronzer lotion with DHA. These lotions give you a fast tan, either temporary or long-lasting. Bronzers improve your natural tan, making it deeper and even. They avoid streaks and often include moisturizers for healthy skin.

choosing the right tanning lotion

Experienced tanners might prefer tingling lotions for a quick, deep tan. These lotions have ingredients like niacin that boost blood flow and melanin production. Be cautious though, as they may cause redness or itching. They’re not the best for sensitive skin.

When picking a tanning lotion, it’s crucial to consider a barrier cream lotion. These lotions prevent uneven spots, ensuring smooth application and absorption. Even application and waiting for the lotion to absorb fully are essential steps for a gorgeous tan.

Prepping your skin by exfoliating helps the lotion go on smoothly. Drink lots of water to keep your skin and tan looking fresh and vibrant.

For more tips on finding the best tanning lotion, check out this comprehensive guide. The right products can extend your tan’s life and make your tanning experience fulfilling.

Tanning Solutions and Products

Looking for a flawless tan? The right products are key. Here we explore top options for both tanning beds and sunless tans.

tanning solutions and products

Indoor Tanning Lotions

Indoor tanning lotions enhance the tan and keep skin moist. They boost melanin, helping your tan look better. For custom shades, pros match the lotion to your skin and desired darkness.

Exfoliate before applying to get even coverage and a lasting tan. But, skip lotions with mineral oils. They can mess up your tan’s development.

Oil-Free Lotions

Want your tan to last? Use oil-free lotions. They prevent fast fading, especially important if you avoid mineral oils. Keeping skin moist helps your tan stay even and last longer.

For busy people, salons have fast tan options that rinse off in 1-4 hours. Spray tans are instant, so they’re great for quick color.

What to Wear During Your Tanning Session

Choosing the right clothes for your tanning session is key to getting a smooth, even tan. Wear dark, fitted clothes to avoid marks and streaks that appear after tanning. It’s also crucial to wear loose clothes after, especially after a spray tan. This reduces streaking, as shown in reports from 40% of people.

dark fitted clothing

Dark colors help hide any stains from the tanning solution. Switch to loose, dark clothes to let your skin breathe and let the tan set well. To make your tan look its best, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid deodorants or perfumes on the day of your session. They can make your tan look uneven in 25% of cases.
  • Wear comfortable, loose underwear or go for disposable ones from the tanning salon.
  • Wearing flip flops or slide-on shoes can also help. This prevents smudging, ensuring a perfect tan for 15% of people.
  • Take off all jewelry and watches to avoid tan lines and damage to the items.

Following these tips will help you get the most out of your tan. You’ll see a better-looking, longer-lasting tan every time.

Preparation Steps Benefits
Wear dark fitted clothing Prevents visible stains
Dress appropriately for tan Ensures streak-free application
Avoid deodorant and perfume Improves evenness of tan
Wear loose fit clothing after spray tan Reduces streaking by 40%
Use flip flops or slide-on shoes Decreases risk of tan smudging by 15%

Precautions and Aftercare

For your spray tan to last longer, do certain things right after your session and in coming days. Following aftercare tips can help keep your tan looking great for longer.

When to Take Your First Shower

It’s vital to wait the right amount of time before your first shower after getting a spray tan. Experts suggest waiting 4 to 24 hours. This helps the tan set into your skin. When you do shower, make sure the water is lukewarm. Stay away from strong soaps or scrubs that could remove the tan.

Avoiding Hot Tubs and Sweating

To keep your tan looking great, avoid things that make you sweat a lot. This means saying no to hot tubs, saunas, and not working out too hard in the first 24 hours.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking enough water is key for a long-lasting tan. Try to drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses daily. You can also eat foods like fruits that are good for your skin. Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid are great for keeping your skin soft and your tan bright.

prolonging tan

Putting lotion on twice a day also helps keep your tan fresh. Avoid lotions with mineral oils since they can fade your tan. Choose oil-free lotions instead. These tips will help you keep a beautiful tan for a longer time.

Tanning Cocktail Tips for Best Results

For the best tanning results, knowing some key tanning cocktail tips is crucial. Start by preparing your skin properly before any tanning session. This means exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells. Also, moisturize to avoid dryness and get an even tan.

tan tips

Next, choose the right tanning products. Using an indoor tanning lotion can make your tan deeper and last longer. Experts say to apply a full ounce of sunscreen with at least SPF 30. This protects from UV rays and helps control melanin. Controlling melanin is key for a good tan.

Follow some precautionary measures to keep your tan. Don’t be in the sun from noon to 3 p.m. because UV rays are very strong. Eat foods like carrots and tomatoes. They have beta carotene and lycopene to protect your skin and improve your tan. Drinking plenty of water and using moisturizers daily is also important to keep your skin hydrated.

Using sunless tanners and professional spray tans is safe. They give you a sun-kissed look without the risks of traditional tanning beds. Tanning beds can emit UVA rays three times stronger than sunlight. For an airbrush tan, follow FDA guidelines and take proper care afterward to keep your tan looking good.

Here are some brief tips and precautions for great tanning results:

Tanning Tips Precautions
Exfoliate before tanning Avoid UV exposure from noon to 3 p.m.
Use indoor tanning lotion Apply sunscreen with SPF 30
Stay hydrated Follow a diet rich in beta carotene and lycopene
Moisturize daily Use sunless tanning products

By using these tanning cocktail tips, you can get the best results. You’ll enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful tan and keep your skin safe.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is key for great tanning results and less skin damage. The Fitzpatrick Scale sorts skin types by their sun reaction and genes. Finding your spot on the skin type chart helps customize your tanning approach for glowing skin tone.

Skin Type Description Common Characteristics
Type 1 Very fair, always burns, never tans Susceptible to skin damage and melanoma
Type 2 Fair, likely to burn, rarely tans Blue eyes, blond or red hair
Type 3 Medium, equal chance of burning or tanning Brown eyes, brown hair
Type 4 Olive, tans easily, less likely to burn Darker brown eyes, medium brown hair
Type 5 Brown, easily tans, can still burn Darker brown eyes, dark brown hair
Type 6 Black, less susceptible to burns Dark brown eyes, black hair

Skin types also vary by oil production, leading to oily, normal, dry, or combination skin. This difference impacts your skincare routine and tanning process. Oily skin makes more sebum, while dry skin may flake. Knowing your skin type chart and oil type is crucial for custom tanning plans.

Beginners should start with short, controlled indoor UV tanning sessions. Adjust sessions based on skin type. Drinking water afterward keeps your skin hydrated for a better glow. Tanning lotions improve tanning while caring for your skin with moisturizers and antioxidants. Skin tone dictates tanning methods; fair skin needs brief, gentle sessions, whereas dark skin handles longer ones. Use tan extenders with DHA and erythrulose to keep your tan fresh and even all year.

Exfoliate regularly with a mild exfoliator to keep your tan even. Waiting to shower ensures your tan lasts longer. Always wear SPF sunscreen after tanning to protect your skin and keep your tan bright. Knowing your skin type guides you to a safe, beautiful tan that highlights your natural skin tone.

Maintaining Your Tan

Keeping a radiant tan means following a daily skincare routine every day. You’ll also need the right products. By doing this, your tan will last longer and look better.

Daily Skincare Routine

A good daily skincare routine is key for healthy skin and a great tan. It’s important to hydrate your skin. This helps maintain an even color and prevents dryness.

Moisturize regularly with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid for the best results. Also, drink at least eight glasses of water a day for hydrated skin.

Use gentle shower gels and avoid long, hot showers and scrubbing too hard. These steps keep your tan looking fresh and stop skin irritation.

Using Tan Extender Products

Adding tan extender products, like gradual tanning lotions, can make your tan last up to twelve days. These lotions add color and keep your skin moist. Use them regularly for the best results.

When applying tan extender, start at your feet and move up. Put moisturizer or barrier cream on your hands first. This prevents uneven color.

For the best results, combine a great daily skincare routine with tan extender products. This will help you get a longer-lasting, more beautiful tan.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Want a beautiful, long-lasting tan? There are common mistakes to avoid. We will look at these errors and how to dodge them. This ensures a successful tanning session.

  1. Skipping Exfoliation: Not exfoliating before a tan leads to unevenness. Remove dead skin for a smooth tan surface.
  2. Neglectring Hydration: It’s important to stay hydrated for healthy skin. Aim for eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin soft and prevent peeling.
  3. Ignoring Skin Preparation: Prepare your skin by shaving or waxing, exfoliating, and applying SPF-free lotion. This improves tan adherence and evenness.
  4. Incorrect Aftercare: Proper aftercare keeps your tan longer. For the first 24 hours, avoid hot tubs and too much sweating.

Now, look at this table for what to do versus common mistakes:

Correct Practices Common Mistakes
Exfoliate before tanning Skipping exfoliation
Stay hydrated Neglecting hydration
Proper skin preparation (shaving/waxing, moisturizing) Ignoring skin preparation
Follow aftercare instructions (avoiding hot tubs, excessive sweat) Incorrect aftercare
Use SPF-free lotions Using lotions with SPF

To skip these tanning mistakes means a better tan. Taking care of your skin before and after tanning is key. Follow these tips for a radiant glow that lasts.

How Often Should You Tan?

How often you tan depends on what your skin needs. Generally, aim for 1-3 times a week. Fair-skinned folks should tan in the morning or after 3 pm to lower sunburn risks. People with medium to brown skin can tan during peak hours but still need sunscreen to protect their skin.

For an even tan, change positions every 15 to 30 minutes. This avoids tan lines and ensures a more uniform color. Be cautious with tanning beds as they produce much more UVA rays than the sun, increasing skin damage risks.

Use SPF 15-30 sunscreen to extend your tan’s life. The FDA suggests waiting a day between tans for skin recovery. Regular moisturizing will also make your tan last longer and look smoother.

Sunless tanning is a safe choice and can last up to 10 days. If using these products, tan once a week for a consistent look. Always apply sunscreen, regardless of tanning method, to keep skin healthy.

Talk to tanning professionals to find the best tan routine for your skin. With the right approach, you can tan safely and maintain a lovely glow.

Combining Different Tanning Methods

Trying out a combination of a sunbed and a sunless spray session is a great way to get a deeper tan. This mix is getting more popular in big cities like Hollywood and London. Here, high-end salons offer “custom blended spray tans.”

Salons are getting creative with methods like product layering and mixing. Layering means putting on several coats of tan for an “airbrush effect.” For example, in the 2016/2017 events season, the combination of MineTan’s “Dark Ash-Onyx” with “Liquid Bronze” was recommended. It gives a flawless, shiny tan.

Layering can give special results. Favorites include “Hydration in Hollywood” and “Choc-Caramel Delight.”

Mixing means combining different tanning products for a unique tan. It’s best to use products from the same brand to avoid bad reactions. Mixing b.tan’s “Licorice” with “Purple Reign” makes a very dark tan with a violet base. Starting with a 50/50 mix is good for beginners.

Using both a sunless spray session and a sunbed can give the best results. Tanning beds give 12x the UVA rays compared to the sun. A spray tan can add even coverage.

Most people see tanning effects after 1-2 hours in the sun. But, tanning beds and sprays make your tan last longer. To keep your tan, use body lotions, drink water, and don’t forget to exfoliate and hydrate daily.

To make the most of your tanning:

  • Try layering for a deeper tan.
  • Use recommended mixes for different effects.
  • Switch between spray tans and tanning beds for the best results.
  • Keep your tan by staying hydrated and taking care of your skin.

By mixing a UV tanning session with a sunless spray session, you get a dynamic, long-lasting tan. Leveraging these advanced techniques is the key to a great tan.

Special Considerations for Spray Tans

Choosing between an airbrush tan and automated booths is crucial for a flawless spray tan. Each option meets different needs and skin types.

Airbrush vs. Automated Booths

An airbrush tan provides a custom touch. Experts match it to your body shape for an even color. It suits those with unique skin needs or who want a tailored look. On the other hand, automated booths offer speed and convenience for busy people, giving a consistent tan with ease.

Method Benefits Considerations
Airbrush Tan Personalized, tailored application Requires an appointment with a tanning expert
Automated Booths Quick, uniform color Less customization and personal touch

Consulting with Tanning Experts

Talking with tanning experts is key to finding the best tan for your skin and wants. They offer important tips on how to get ready and take care after. To get a lasting, impressive color, follow these tips:

  • Prepare your skin for a week with extra water and moisturizer.
  • Wax 48 hours before your tan to avoid unwanted residue.
  • Exfoliate before your tan to make it last longer.
  • Shave and exfoliate a day before to avoid “strawberry legs.”
  • After your tan, avoid water, sweat, and tight clothes to keep it perfect.

By sticking to these steps and using professional advice, you can get a beautiful, long-lasting spray tan. It will make you look naturally amazing.

Exploring Different Tanning Locations

Looking for the perfect tanning spot can boost your experience. You have a range of options, from luxury salons to more affordable places. Choosing well means understanding salon memberships benefits and spotting top deals and special offers. This helps you enjoy every tanning session to the fullest.

Salon Memberships

Salon memberships offer great perks for those who tan regularly. These can include endless access to beds, discounts on products, and free services like skin checks or tanning advice. Joining a club, like Palm Beach Tan, means you save money and get exclusive perks. It’s a clever way to make tanning high-quality and affordable over time.

Deals and Special Offers

Looking for deals and special offers is a smart move. Many salons, including big names like Palm Beach Tan, offer specials. These might be cheaper packages or even free sessions when you buy products. Always check for deals to save money while keeping your tan looking great. Some places also have seasonal offers that help meet your tanning needs all year.

Diverse tan locations can meet different needs and preferences. Whether it’s luxury you’re after or just a good deal, there’s a place for you. Getting advice from friends or checking reviews can lead to a good and safe tanning experience.

Salon Name Location Membership Perks Special Offers
Palm Beach Tan Nationwide Unlimited Tanning, Discounts Seasonal Deals, Product Discounts
Boca Tanning Club Florida Exclusive Access, Skin Assessments First-Time Customer Offers


Getting a perfect glow with a tanning cocktail takes careful preparation, the best products, and regular upkeep. Knowing your skin type and choosing the right tanning lotion are key steps. Each part of the tanning process is essential for a great bronze color and healthy skin. It’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin before tanning. Make sure not to wear makeup or lotions so the tanning solution works well.

To keep your tan looking fresh, moisturize daily and use tan extenders. Mixing sunbed and spray tans can improve your tan’s look. Tanning experts give personalized tips and help adjust your tan plan for your skin’s needs.

Daily skin care keeps your tan beautiful. Use nourishing body washes and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Protect your tan from the sun with sunscreen. These steps help your tan last longer, showing off your skin’s health and vitality.

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